A Baby Story – Your Funny Story To Lighten Every Day

Everyday, my wife watch a baby story show. Due to she wanted to try to get an idea what labor would be like, she has started watching a baby story show since last year when she was waiting a baby. Again, she watches due to she wants to look forward to have new baby and to reminisce about the birth of our baby boy. Actually, a baby story show is boring, but lately I heard a different kind of the show. Here is the story.

She was 19 years old with no picture of her boyfriend anymore. In order to try to make ends meet, she was working all time and she was getting very worried for the baby to be born. She went to the doctor’s office for a checkup one day before she had to be at work. She needed to go to the hospital to be delivered after the doctor checked her and told her that she was in labor. She said cool and asked do I need to go to hospital now, or can I go after work. She must not to go to the hospital soon said the doctor politely yet she could only go home and get her a bag ready for staying in the hospital.

She asked if it would be alright if she got something to eat, he said that he did not advise it. She is trying to get something to eat in the drive-thru, and a guy backed into the driver side of her truck that next thing you know. Currently she is in active labor. Her condition was seen by the man, and she got so worried he fainted. At the parking lot of whataburger, a 9-month pregnant is sitting now, in active labor, fanning a man trying to revive him. Her mother rushed her to the hospital after she got home. Both baby and mother were healthy after a few hours of labor a beautiful baby boy was born.

What about you? I think I would turn on the show many times if a baby story was this interesting everyday.

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